The winding road to Sahyog

October, November 2018

Oct-Nov trip to Duggada and Kinsu. 21 students, 2 staff and 1 IT staff visited over 4 days. Talk with another school's teachers at a middle school in Jugiara took place. A list of existing teaching aids was created. The cowsheds were painted as well.

May 2018

17 students, 2 staff and 1 parent visited over 4 days. A Verb Tree was painted at Kinsu's primary school. Importance of education discussed through the cultural evening ritual. Using cow urine as a pesticide was discussed with the villagers.

March 2018

Dairy team successfully cooked meals with cow-dung fuel, and planted fodder seeds for cows. Students painted the local Aanganwadi and the school was provided with a printer!

November 2017

Sanitation team introduced sanitary napkins and compost as a garbage disposal method. Dairy team began working with bio-fuels made with cow dung. Sahyog participants paint school walls with Uttarakhand flora and fauna.

May 2017

Students conduct demographic survey of village Mooldhar and stay in the village for four days.

March 2017

March trip to Kinsu with 20 students. Dairy team observed and learned more about dairy in Kinsu and Dugadda. Hillside area is thoroughly surveyed for pipeline to cowshed. Dairy Logs are implemented.

December 2016

December trip to Kinsu with 16 students. Rainwater harvesting is further explored, plans to run pipeline from uphill source to cowshed is formulated.

October 2016

October trip to Kinsu with 18 students. The education stream focused on performing arts for the first time. Survey for rainwater harvesting is initiated.

May, June 2016

May-June trip to Duggada and Kinsu. 16 students, 3 staff and 1 parent visited over 4 days. Besides Educational, Experiential learning and Sanitation initiatives, Sharm-daan was performed and health-cards were introduced in Kinsu Village.

March 2016

March trip to Duggada and Kinsu. 16 students, 4 staff and 1 parent visited over 4 days. Besides Educational, Experiential learning and Sanitation initiatives, Sharm-daan was performed, Work-in- progress on Sahyog Documentary

December 2015

The commitment to Sahyog is redefined to be of 3 years, Papers for new land lease and ToE with change were prepared, SBS Sahyog board was displayed at third floor, More Applications were processed, and Team kept working on the website design with children

October 2015

Fund of Rs. 15 lakh raised for Sahyog through Jashn 2015

September 2015

According to the land measurements the drawing of cow shed done by a parent. Students were asked to fill the application form; recommendations from teachers were sought. A total of 41 forms were categorized in –YES, MAY BE and NO. Logo was finalized. Website development started. Interviews for SBS Sahyog video conducted. Vendors for cow purchases contacted.

August 2015

Trip with three students to discuss the terms of engagements, measurements of land for the cow shed, making of documentary on SBS Sahyog, and meeting with patwari to check the land papers. Kinsu villagers agreed to give their community hall to our children to stay and agreed on making of a set of toilet and bathroom

July 2015

Presentation to MC about the village section and decision to discuss terms of engagement to Kinsu and Kaith

June 2015

Trip (along with students) to Talogi, Kinsu , Bhatoli and Kaith village and collection detail data of families interested in Diary project

May 2015

Trip to 7 villages by the core team to identify the new villages to run the diary project, discussions on Sahyog structure and expansion of team by adding few more members

April 2015

Trip to Dugadda with 18 students with interventions in education, dairy, sanitation and disaster preparedness

March 2015

A core group meeting with the students to give feedback to the progress in their research projects is organized. The SBS Trust is formed.

January 2015

Core group Meeting with the students and allocation of different livelihood project – this was the first time the streams were allotted –Identification and allocation of streams

December 2014

A second visit to Dugadda along with the students to further investigate the livelihood options

October 2014

Dugadda is selected as the village where Sahyog will work. A visit to Dugadda along with the students to identify the livelihood options.

August 2013

Students organize a musical concert "Razzmataz" to raise funds for Uttarakhand.

June 2013

Uttarakhand floods and initial meetings with PSA to formulate a plan to help .