How Can I Apply?

Simply fill in this google form. It involves some basic information, a compulsory essay, and an optional essay. The deadline for applying is 16th August 2019!

What do we look for?

Sahyog looks for motivated, thoughtful and perserverant young students from grades 6-12. Sahyog participants care deeply about the communities they live in, and are always eager to learn and expand their horizons.

What Happens After I submit?

Sahyog has a rigorous process that includes an application form with essays, mandatory interviews, and in some cases letters of recommendation from the applicant's class teacher. Every application is reviewed by the Sahyog core team and the Sahyog Student Core Council, and each candidate is interviewed by one or more student core council members.

Get in Touch

Sahyog Email ID -

Interested students can contact:
Mrs Manisha Trivedi (Teacher) 9650052333
Mr Keshar Mehra (Head of IT department) 9818510480

Interested parents can contact:
Mr Gopal Krishna (Parent) 8800478787