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Sahyog is a unique transformative experience rooted in experiential learning, perhaps first of its kind in India. Sahyog has initiated long-term, intensive hands-on projects related to Livelihoods, Education, Sanitation and Health in two villages of Uttarakhand. What started as a regular donation drive, owing to the vision and ambition of a few, turned into an established and well-structured program which is highly sought after by students and village participants alike. Sahyog has, so far, notionally adopted two villages, Duggada and Kinsu about 30 km from Mussoorie, with the primary objective of engaging in and learning from while contributing to the key aspects of the village community. Some of the activities in these villages include Dairy Farming in a self-funded Community Shed for livelihood augmentation, sharing of best practices and creation of close linkages with Kinsu government school, introduction of water purifiers, first-aid kits, garbage disposal system etc.. Members of the Core Team, along with teacher and parent volunteers, accompany SBS students for a 4-day trips to Duggada and Kinsu that are often hailed as truly life changing for all involved.

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November 2017: Compost bins introduced in Kinsu for garbage disposal.

November 2017: School wall painted with Uttarakhand State symbol and local animals and fruits.


Words from current and past members.

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